Summer solstice


Let’s Celebrate the Summer Solstice, the highest point of the Sun in the year.


In the ancient yogic tradition, Summer Solstice is a time when we can create great transformation, elevation and focus in our lives. We live by the Sun’s energy.  That is why when the energy of the Sun is the highest we come together to practice yoga and deep meditation.  The positive energy of the Sun will expand and energize you to move forward in your life with ease and joy.


Kundalini Yoga

Come together for three days  of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, dance and song.  Celebrate the awaking of your soul!

22-24th of June, 2012 , Bansko

During the three day course Sada Sat Singh and Sada Sath Kaur will be again with us, presenting special practices to utilize maximum from the unique Summer solstice energy!

Here are workshops that we will offer:

1.)  The 5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age:    Master and Harness the energy of these changing times to live in Happiness, Harmony and Health.”

Happiness is your birthright.   In this class we will learn and practice the        technologies that Yogi Bhajan gave so that no matter the challenges and           changes of the times, it is possible to be healthy and happy and live as a              whole person to be able to elevate our selves and to elevate others

2.)   “Understanding the Relationships in Your Life:  
The Relationship to Self
The Relationship to Others
The Relationship to the Infinite Flow.

Experience the Divine Flow and Dance from Individual to Group to Universal Consciousness.

3.)  “Master the 5 Tattvas and Let the Universe Serve You

             The 5 Tattvas are the 5 basic elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether of

which all things are made.  These elements act as our first 5 teachers and

through them we learn transcendence and self-mastery.


The event will be happening at the spacious event room of Kempinski Grand Arena hotel and as well at the colourfull meadows of Pirin mountain.  Accommodation at the cozy complex walking distance from Kempinski Grand hotel Arena.

More informationa and registrations +359 876 17 34 34; [email protected]!/events/309030549167377/